La Estrella

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This is the time of year before summer  gives us the kind of good weather that makes for lazy afternoons on the deck or at a backyard barbecue. For laid-back sipping, I like this refreshing and light cocktail that’s like margarita’s mellow cousin.

I used the beautiful Rio Star red grapefruits that are available right now, along with fresh lime, mint, tequila and triple sec. Estrella means star in Spanish, so I gave the drink that name in honor of the name of the fruit and the origin of the tequila. Enjoy!

1 oz silver tequila
1 oz fresh-squeezed red grapefruit juice
1/2 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz triple sec 
5 fresh mint leaves

Muddle the mint leaves in the lime juice at the bottom of a shaker or mixing glass. Then add other ingredients and shake with ice. Strain into chilled glass and add a couple ice cubes. Garnish with grapefruit segments (pith removed) and mint leaves.