DragonBar – San Francisco

DB_buddha.gifHappy New Year.

This, the first post of 2007 goes to Ashley, Tara and the rest of the gang at the DragonBar for the awesome New Years Eve Party they threw.

Located in the heart of North Beach, this club has been around since 2003 and has become a mainstay of this now rejuvenated area of San Francisco. I’ve been here on many occasions, having worked just down the street at one point. This event was by far the best and only makes me more of a fan. The place was just full enough, I could sit! There was plenty of nice, fun people to celebrate the New Year and, of course, enough booze to make you forget which New Year it was!

They charged a flat fee, which was great (of course, in the morning, not so much), with good brands such as Absolut, Finlandia, Jim Beam, Sauza and Gloria Ferrer. I never had to think about the dreaded “bottle” that some clubs charge just to sit some where. The evening was complete with everything including a cool Buddha Ice Sculpture this dispensed an excellent shot. Overall, I have always like DragonBar for its unpretentious hipness.

DragonBar – San Francisco, CA

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