Does a Better Baseball Team Mean Pricier Beer?

beerThe Wall Street Journal has a fun little piece analyzing stadium beer prices against the baseball team’s record.

What it found is that on average the more a team wins, the more its stadium charges for beer.

According to data collected by Team Marketing Report for the 2009 season, beer prices vary dramatically among big-league teams. A 21-ounce beer costs $4.75 in Pittsburgh, but you’ll shell out $8.75 for a 20-ounce brew at San Francisco’s AT&T Park. This led us to wonder: Does quality have anything to do with beer prices?

Surprisingly, it does. A team with a .600 winning percentage charges, on average, about $1.30 more for a 16-ounce beer than does a team with a .400 percentage.

I’d venture that the quality of beer has something to do with it, too. It’s true things are more expensive in San Francisco, but damn if there isn’t a pretty decent beer selection at AT&T Park. Looks like Philly beat out SF for record-beer price relationship. But not so sure they beat the Bay when it comes to selection.

Can a Ballclub’s Record Justify Its Beer Price @ Wall Street Journal

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