Dancing Pines Bourbon Whiskey Review

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This bourbon hails from a small craft distillery in Loveland Colorado – the brainchild of a wife-husband-husband’s father combo!  Dancing Pines is one of many new craft distilleries that have been popping up across America that have embraced the modern American whiskey renaissance with it’s bourbon whiskey.   Yes, Dancing Pines does produce a bourbon. We like to point that out as many people think that bourbon can only come from Kentucky.  Bourbon can come from anywhere in the United States but only Kentucky bourbon can come from Kentucky.

As an aside, I like the design of the bottle and the integration of the Dancing Pines on it.

Here are our tasting notes for the Dancing Pines Bourbon Whiskey:

Appearance: clear with a medium minus golden to tawny color and thick legs

Nose: clean with medium notes of corn, grain, nutmeg, vanilla and a cream note

Palate: dry, soft, integrated alcohol, medium notes of corn, grain, pepper, nutmeg, cardamon, vanilla, walnut and a cream note.  Medium finish with notes of corn and a hint of cherry.

Rating:  Average to good.  I enjoyed the texture of the spirit – smooth with a kick of spice and a bit drying.  The aroma and palate notes are a bit muted and the bourbon has a slight lactic quality that would lend itself to a great holiday eggnog.

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