Cocktail Questions – Flasks

Q: Hi, barkeep. I have question. What is your opinion of hip flasks? I just got a 9-oz one for a present and I was wondering if a flask keeps alcohol cold? If not, what is a good alcohol (rum, rye, vodka, brandy) that tastes good when it is warm? Should I always fill the flask to the top or just the amount i need?

A: I am a big fan of flasks. Portable booze is a great thing. Just make sure of the local laws for public consumption before you start drinking. I like to take a flask of whiskey when I take the train into SF for the evening. It makes for a great primer. As for keeping liquor cold, they don’t. Maybe the high-tech versions, but your basic metal flask won’t keep anything cold. I usually take whiskey as I like it the best warm. Brandy is good too. If you want a cold drink, grab a cold soda or juice at a store and add your booze to it. Works every time.

I always fill my flask full; that way you have a few drinks for everyone. You can alway drink the rest later. Just don’t leave liquor in a metal flask for more than 3 days. The alcohol wil ruin the flask.