Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets

cpcs.jpgNever know what to say at cocktail parties? I sure don’t. This clever book of cheat sheets by the folks at Mental Floss, my new favorite website, will make you the most interesting person at you next office party or neighbors cocktail party. This book is chock full of witty anecdotes and amazing facts that will allow you to start and maintain random party chatter.

Never be caught speechless again. Release your inner geek and wax poetic about the Dead Sea scrolls or jazz, or any of the other 44 topics this volume contains.

An excerpt from the book:

Only a single original manuscript of Beowulf survives, and it was severely damaged in a fire in 1731 while in storage at a place called the Ashburnham House. Just goes to show you that one ought not store a priceless, one-of-a-kind epic poem at a joint containing both the words “ash” and “burn” in its name.

Always have something to say… (also makes a great gift for those shy friends, we all got one).

Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets

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