Chateau de la Cantrie 2009 Muscadet Sur Lie Review – Wine Wednesday

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As the US continues to swelter in the heat (a fact that we can appreciate given our recent return from Tales of the Cocktail in hot, steamy New Orleans), Muscadet is the perfect antidote to the heat. Muscadet wines come from the Loire in France and are made from a grape called Melon de Bourgogne. (It’s originally from Burgundy but was evicted from there years ago in favor of Chardonnay.) Another interesting fact is that the best Muscadets are done Sur Lie meaning that the wine is fermented with dead yeast to impart more taste.

Muscadet is often confused with Muscat but the two are exact opposites with Muscadet being one of the driest wines made. Muscadet is also one of the best priced wines out there with a number of great Muscadets coming in under $10 bucks. Muscadet is also one of the best wines out there to serve with shellfish or to friends that are wine newbies (due to its relatively mild flavor). Muscadet should be served chilled and drank within one to two years of its vintage year.

This week’s Wine Wednesday is the Chateau de la Cantrie 2009 Muscadet Sur Lie, another pick from the motherland of wine, France. I can’t take credit for this pick as it was brought by one of my partners in crime in my wine tasting group. It’s a downright steal at $7.99. I believe that it was bought at Santa Monica Seafood.

The Muscadet was light yellow with a greenish tinge, watery and high in acid with zingy effervescence. This youthful wine was light bodied and had medium intensity aroma and taste. On the nose and palate, this wine had lemon-lime, gooseberry, salinity and minerality. Medium finish. Refreshing!