Five Blue Drinks for the Blue Angeles at SF Fleet Week

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Recently, we shared an article dedicated to Sailor Jerry as part of San Francisco’s Fleet Week. The weekend belongs to the Blue Angels, the Navy’s crack pilot team that displays the death defying skills of the military’s avionic heroes. And, wow are they impressive. Yesterday, they buzzed the city in anticipation of their weekend performances. Awe inspiring!

Fleet Week got its start in the United States in 1935 when Fleet Week pulled into San Diego. As part of the California Pacific International Exposition, the largest fleet ever to fly in the United States was amassed with 114 warships, over 500 plans and 58,000 men attending fleet week.

The oldest continuous Fleet Week is right here in San Francisco where San Franciscans have been enjoying the naval men, warships and air shows since 1981. Having enjoyed Fleet Week for many years, we can attest to how cool it is and how much we enjoyed it. Fleet Week New York started in 1982 and has been continuing ever since.

Our men in the Navy and the Marines work hard for us. If you see them in San Francisco, buy them a drink!

Check out our top five blue drinks:

  • The Aviation: Since it’s San Francisco and our bartenders are way into old-timey cocktails, prohibition and pre-prohibition era cocktails, try this yummy and delicious cocktail with crème violet that turns a pretty shade of blue.
  • The Blue Hawaii: For some reason, this drink makes me think of Top Gun and Top Gun makes me think of the Blue Angels.
  • The Red, White and BlueThey are our men in uniform. Need we say more? They bleed red, white and blue.
  • The Blue Moon: A pretty awesome drink. Give the boys in blue (or white) something new to try.
  • The Blue MotorcycleAgain, it brings back images of Maverick from Top Gun, which makes me think of the Blue Angels.

San Francisco Fleet Week

Photos courtesy of Clark Cook (check out airport journals for more).

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