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Tequlia Honored

The precious fields of blue agave plants that surround the town of Tequila have been added to the UN’s list of World Heritage Sites. Tequila lies in the state of Jalisco about 50 miles northeast of Guadalajara is the center of the tequila industry and the only place in the world that this wonderful juice we know and love can be made.

The agave plant, often mistaken for a cactus, is actually a related to … Read more


Suntory Hibiki Whisky Review

Last time we were in Japan, we brought back a bottle of Suntory Hibiki Whisky, and discovered one of the best blended whiskeys around! It is smooth without the sweet and warms you nicely.

Suntory Whisky is the product that brings Bob “Bill Murray” to Japan in the movie Lost in Translation. Which gives this brand some much deserved attention, they have been making whisky and other liqueurs in Japan since the 1850s. Suntory … Read more

This Week’s Drink – Apple Berry Crush

This just in from Melissa! Apple schnapps, raspberry schnapps, vodka — WOW! Can’t wait to cool off with this Crush.

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One of the better uses of Google Maps API. This site has takes maps of about 20 American and pinpoints brewpubs, beer bars (as opposed to my beloved cocktail bar), homebrew stores, beer stores and breweries in town and the region. It’s color coded to boot.

If you are a beer lover and in a strange city, this site will help you at least help you find some good beer.

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This Week’s Drink – Ice Pick

Sent in by a doctor, so it must be good for you! Perfect for a hot summer’s eve.

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This Week’s Drink – Beach Buster

Sobe Nirvana and rum—could a drink taste more like summer? Try this out next time you find yourself at the beach. Cheers!

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Hangover Helper – Pediasure

Not just for kids. My friend swears that Pediasure is the best hangover helper around. Makes sense, this stuff is specially formulated to give kids a ton of nutrients in one bottle. What could be better after a night of drinking, if it is good for kids it’s gotta be good for your sorry drunk-ass self.

Pediasure … Read more

Men Can Drink More Alcohol than Women Can

According to 20/20, this is not just a sexist myth. Men are biologically better equipped to drink more than women. Take that ladies. 😉

Turns out us guys have more of an enzyme in the lining of our stomachs that, when it sees alcohol, begins to metabolize it immediately. This means that only about ½ of the alcohol men drink gets into the blood stream. Ain’t science fun? Thanks, John Stossel!

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Vodka Lake

Can you imagine a lake full of vodka? Sounds better than Snakes on a Plane. Well, it was reality recently in Poland, where a leak at a distillery in the town of Wielkopolska made a local lake almost 30% vodka. Almost as strong as a regular bottle and 3 times that of wine.

The townsfolk have flocked to the lake filling whatever they can find with the lake. Says one 71 year old resident, … Read more

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This Week’s Drink – Moontini

Looks spacy, tastes better than Tang! This martini fueled the space race. Thanks, Elizabeth!

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