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10 Steps to Making Great Cocktails at Home

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This is an essential list to follow if you want to make tasty cocktails. These may seem like nobrainers, but lots of us cut corners. Don’t! Unless you want your guests or even your SO to think you can’t make a tasty cocktail. In this game, never skimp on quality and freshness.

When making drinks at home, remember the special ones and try to duplicate them. The photo on the left is one of my … Read more

Red Army Vodka Review

Red Army Vodka

The Red Army Vodka recipe was originally developed in the mid-1920s for the enjoymentof the Russian military elite.

Today, Red Army Vodka is recreated exclusively in small batches at a private distillery in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. This ultra-premium vodka bursts with the flavour of the finest grains and the smoothness of Russian know-how. Four times distilled and nine times filtered to the most exacting specifications of the original recipe. Best served ‘Russian-style,’ neat … Read more

This Week’s Drink – Flaming Dr. Pepper

This is a classic. I don’t spend enough time on beer drinks, but this is one of the best. Any recipe that can make skanky beer tast like Dr. Pepper is a winner in my book.


Onto the drink…… Read more

The Beer Cannon

Milwaukee’s Best Light have made some great vidoes buy building a cannon that launches cans of beer (MBL of course) at all sorts of objects. I’m not really sure why they have a dartboard-like background as no one is keeping score. However, these guys are geniuses, launching beers at everything from a cantaloupe to a TV. AWESOME!

The Beer Cannon reminds me of days when David Letterman would through stuff off a building, I miss … Read more

Wreath of Barbs

This is a brand new recipe, only a week old.  Sent to us by our new pal Tommy (aka Mr. Nightmare). Vodka and three of my favorite juices (cranberry, grapefruit and pineapple) combined, how can you go wrong with this simple but refreshing cocktail?

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Cocktail Questions – Flasks

Q: Hi, barkeep. I have question. What is your opinion of hip flasks? I just got a 9-oz one for a present and I was wondering if a flask keeps alcohol cold? If not, what is a good alcohol (rum, rye, vodka, brandy) that tastes good when it is warm? Should I always fill the flask to the top or just the amount i need?

A: I am a big fan of flasks. Portable booze … Read more


This new/old man born of Hollywood includes Jack Black, Vince Vaughn and Jim Belushi among alpha-male, anti-metrosexual stars. What does this have to do with cocktails? Everything…

According to MSNBC, a “‘retrosexual’ is a manly man, an alpha male who may have the physique of a Shar-Pei dog (a little wrinkly and flabby, yet endearing), the manners of a 5-year-old (the kind who makes armpit farting noises at the dinner table) and the ability to … Read more


Voodoo Tiki

This came from the nice folks at Voodoo Tiki’s PR firm. Haven’t tried it. They make 10 flavors of tequila. If you’ve tried Voodoo Tiki, let us know what you think. Here’s their marketing pitch and a couple of drinks. 


The dog days of summer had the some Floridians looking for a cool place to hang out after what seemed an unusually long work week. Deciding to swing by Swig Bartini, they found a … Read more


Jameson’s Irish Whiskey Review

Jameson is a smooth whiskey without the harsh bite of American whiskeys or the sweetness of Canadian ones. It is great for sipping straight or on the rocks. It smoothness warms the insides without burning and makes THE best Irish Coffee.

Jameson… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Yoshi

Sent in by an anonymous reader, this drink is inspired by the little green dino-looking character from the popular Mario Brothers series of video games by Nintendo.

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