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Hemingway & Bailey’s Bartending Guide to Great American Writers

Author Mark Bailey and illustrator Edward Hemingway (a grandson of the man himself), collaborated on this clever book that explores the drinking habits of some of America’s greatest writers. The book features a host of classic writers and the cokctail that they have become synonymous with their name. Such lumineries as Hemingway (cocktail: Mojito), Faulkner (cocktail: Mint Julep) and F. Scott Fitzgerald (cocktail: Gin Rickey).

This book is more than a bartending guide, with drinking … Read more

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More Holiday Cocktails

The folks over at Pernod-Ricard keep sending us great cocktail recipes. For the holidays, they sent us these:

Beefeater French 75
Malibu Sparkler
Tezon Mistletoe

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This Week's Drink – Pointsettia

Happy Hanukkah! Keeping in the holiday spirit, this week we feature a classic holiday cocktail. A refreshing combination of Cranberry, Champagne and Cointreau, Poitsettia’s are perfect for any holiday party.

on to the drink…
more holiday cocktials…

PS – We tried to find a Hanukkah cocktail to no avail. If you know of any good one’s send ‘em our way.… Read more

Ice Shot Glass Maker

Shot Glasses made of ice, not only are they disposable but they keep your shot icy cold. These silicon molds produce 4 shot glasses complete with accents of a real shot glass. Using fruit juice rather than water, adds a cool unique twist to any shot.

Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glass Mold
from Perpetual Kid

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Hangover Helper – Mexican Food & Red Beers

This comes from reader Antoinette.

Food: Spicy homemade green pork chile or, if you can handle it, Mexican stew with hominy/tripe. If not, posole (Mexican stew with hominy/pork). Both with lots of hot crushed red pepper, diced onion, oregano and a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy with tortillas. MMM.

You can’t go wrong with Mexican food! It does the trick every time!

Drink: Similar to the bloody mary, but with beer… RED BEERS! Made with Clamato … Read more

How Long Does Liquor Last?

Q: My sister gave me several bottles of Seagram’s VO. The tax seal says it was put on in 1982. It is still sealed, and the bottles says its 6 years old, that would make the whiskey 30 years old. How good is this whiskey? Is it drinkable?
Jim G

A: Sealed bottles of whiskey and other spirits should last indefinitely when still sealed. Unlike wine, however, liquor does not age in the bottle, so … Read more

Cocktail Eats – Spiced Nuts

This is one fast, simple snack that is perfect for munching while your guests sip the night away. A bit of sugar make these nuts a bit sweet, while cayenne pepper gives them a bite.


    1 pound mixed nuts (any combo of cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc.)
    2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    1 tbsp kosher or sea salt
    1 tsp sugar
    1 ½ tsp paprika
    1 tsp rosemary
    ½ tsp cayenne pepper

Instructions… Read more

Cocktail Mixing Robots

Some crazy cocktail fun went on this past week in Vienna. The annual Roboexotica “Festival of Cocktail Robotics” was held, bringing together the best cocktail-making robots the world has to offer. Yes, cocktail-making robots. These robots come in all shapes and sizes, and the majority bares no resemblance to your neighborhood barkeep. For example, the “Epson Bar,” pictured above, is a cocktail “printer.” Using parts from a large scale Epson printer, this robot carefully mixes … Read more


Just in time for the holiday drinking season, the folks at SmartsCo. have released the cool new quiz game.

This quiz game comes with 60 true or false and multiple choice questions covering thise 4 bartending subjects:

    In My Glass – characteristics of some of the most popular drinks
    Trade Tools – bar tools and equipment required for specific drinks
    Lingo – defines useful cocktail terminology
    Wild Card – includes history, trivia and other choice

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This Week’s Drink – Updated Egg Nog Martini

All wrapped up in email goodness is this holiday martini sent in by Nathan. Not sure if he cooked this up at home or the local bar. Either way, this is good stuff… good holiday stuff! I hope you are all enjoying the site. I have been adding a ton of content in the last few weeks including an Amazon Store chock full of barware, books, CDs and other things a good drinker might need.… Read more