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Key Chain Breathalizer

Just for St. Patrick’s Day, CrunchGear reviewed this Key Chain Breathalizer that can be had for under $5 bucks. It even comes with a flashlight and stopwatch! Doug tested it and it works, even beat the penny trick. Still, he felt it is more of a toy, but for $5 who cares.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today everyone is Irish! Grab a green beer, a shot of Irish Whiskey and don something green.

Check out the official St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin. Jameson is throwing a world wide party. See where to go in your town Jameson 360.

Irish whiskey reviews

Jameson 12
Tullamore Dew

A few St. Patrick’s Day Facts and Toasts. And just for kicks, learn how to fold a dollar bill into a shamrock.

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Leprechauns in Mexico?

The folks at Cabo Wabo alerted us of this little known St. Patrick’s Day tidbit. More Mexicans celebrate St. Patty’s Day than the Irish and it’s all because of the fabled Mexican leprechaun. Are they for real?

As the legend goes, back in 1845 the Irish potato famine forced a clan of Leprechauns to embark from their homeland in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones scrambling to find a new life … Read more

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Tommy’s Joynt – San Francisco

Tommy’s Joynt at the corner of Geary & Van Ness has been a favorite of mine for years. As a kid, I insisted in coming here to savor the homey feel, knickknacks covering the place and sumptuous Hofbrau fare. No that I am of age, I can also enjoy their beer menu that contains hundred of beers from all over the world and of course, a full bar. All this and great prices. Mmm. Did … Read more

The Bass Brolly for a Perfect Black & Tan

This St. Patrick’s Day, make the perfect Black & Tan with your very own Brolly from Bass Ale. What is it? The Brolly, a British term for umbrella, is a triangular piece of metal with holes punched around the perimeter and 3 arms for packing atop your beer glass. Using this instead of the unreliable spoon back will result in a perfect Black & Tan every time. Best of all the Brolly is free on … Read more

St. Patty’s Day is here at Kate O’Brien’s

The bagpipes are blowing and the Guinness and Harp are flowing! What a way to start an all Irish weekend!

“This little pub is a tribute to the neighborhood bars that make San Francisco famous for those seeking to unwind with their draft of choice. Located in the middle of the vibrant SOMA district Kate’s is an old favorite and truly the only Irish pub in the district.”


Kate O’Brien’s Irish Pub… Read more


Dirty Blonde

We met Shaylin in Las Vegas at Pure during the Stella Artois Draught Masters Competition. She wanted share an Irish drink with all of us for the upcoming holiday, and since we met over Stella, it is only appropriate that we use her.… Read more

Video of the Week – NightClub & Bar Booth Babes

We put together a montage of some of the nice young ladies we met at the NightClub & Bar Tradeshow in Vegas.

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Stella Artois Draught Masters – Pure – Las Vegas

This competition pitted 12 Vegas bartenders in the art of preparing, pouring and serving the perfect Stella Artois. Held at Pure, a club in Caesars Palace, this was one of the best events we attended during our recent Vegas trip.

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Half & Half (Black & Tan)

A classic marriage of two fine beers!… Read more