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Best of the Green Web – Distilleries

We were asked to write a post about sustainable distilling practices for “The Best of the Green Web,” a collection of post about sustainability, climate change and green initiatives.

States Consider Lower Drinking Age

Seven States are considering lowering the drinking age. Proponents in Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Vermont feel that if young men & women can serve in Iraq, they should be able to have a drink as well.

This has some feathers ruffled at MADD and of course there would be the loss of federal highway funds. That may be a dealbreaker, but you can bet that 18-year-olds in those seven states … Read more


Mounds Bar

Reader Darci share a bit of our childhood in an adult incarnation. Amazing, it does taste like a Mounds Bar. Ad a bit of amaretto and you’ve got an Almond Joy.


2 oz Parrot Bay Coconut Rum
1 oz Godiva Chocolate Liquor


Pour over ice in a highball or bucket glass and sip!

Thanks, Darci!… Read more

SF Cocktail Week 2008

Cocktail Week in San Francisco was kicked off tonight with a party at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room atop the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. The bartenders in this historically swank spot.

The bartenders were pouring Cable Cars, Martinez and other local cocktails for all who could make it to the 21st floor. The first two drinks were courtesy of the sponsors—freaking awesome! Even some cool swag, yes booze, a shaker and othyer fun cocktail items.

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Top Shelf Ice for Top Shelf Booze

Not happy with the old ice tray? Ice melts too quickly and dilutes your drink?

Never fear, the Taisan Ice Mold makes 30 – 40 Spherical ice balls each hour.

Why a sphere? A sphere minimizes surface area and therefore minimizes the amount of melting going on.

This equals cold booze that isn’t watered down. A must have for any upscale cocktail lounge.

$1300 Ice Mold – Asylum.com
buy at Japan Trend Shop
more bar … Read more

Garden Creek Vineyards

On Saturday, I was invited to Garden Creek Vineyard to celebrate the release of their 2003 vintage. The family owned winery is one of the first fully-sustainable wineries in California. Our hosts Karin, Justin, Elsa, and Leif make some wonderful wine on this Alexander Valley Ranch. A setting so perfect, it almost makes me want to leave the city. Almost.

Karin tells us a bit more about the wine. Press Play.

Garden Creek Vineyards… Read more

Movie MILFs and the Cocktails That Love Them

Happy Mother’s Day!

To help celebrate, X-Rate Fusion Liqueur created cocktails in honor of our favorite MILFs from TV and Film.

    Sweet Ben’s Pink Lemonade – Mrs Robinson in The Graduate, played by Anne Bancroft
    The Dean’s Wife – Marion Wormer in Animal House, played by Verna Bloom
    X Meeting Mrs. Bing – Chandler’s Mom in Friends, played by Morgan Fairchild
    The X-Rated Rec Room – Stifler’s mom in American Pie,

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B&B (Blakberi & Basil)

Memorial Day is right around the corner and our friends at Stoli have made a bunch of refreshing new summer cocktails featuring new Stoli Blakberi. Here’s the first:


1 part Stoli Blakberi
Top off with Italian sparkling lemonade
Basil to taste muddled with Stoli Blakberi


Serve on rocks and top off with Italian sparkling lemonade. Garnish with additional basil leaves. A great option for warm-weather pitcher drinks.

Stoli Blakberi… Read more

Boston Says No to Bottle Service

In a reversal of the fast-growing trend, Boston has banned bottle service.

Most people see bottle service with VIP treatment at a hot club in a big city a special treat and a perk of being able to afford spendy bottles of booze. But one Boston official disagrees and is cracking down on the clubs that offer bottle service to their clients. His argument? That the price of the bottle causes patrons to feel they

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Revolution – Las Vegas

Revolution is my favorite club in Vegas. It is intimate, Beatles retro sheik and located right in the heart of the Mirage. Since we were staying at the Mirage, the location is ideal, just a short stumble to the room elevators!

I liked Revolution so much that I went twice. My last night in Vegas was a party hosted by PINK Vodka at Revolution. What a great bunch of folks.

The club has a casual … Read more