Baileys Caramel & Mint Chocolate Liqueur Review


I have always been a huge fan of Baileys Irish Cream ever since I discovered it in my parents liquor cabinet many years ago.Since. I have enjoyed this classic cream whiskey liqueur on the rocks, in a mudslide and in coffee (of course).

Recently, the fine folks over in Ireland created two new kinds of Baileys for us to enjoy. The flavors are Baileys with a hint of Caramel and Baileys with a hint of Mint Chocolate. We recently reviewed these new treats:

Baileys with a hint of Caramel

This one delivers the unique flavor of Baileys Irish Cream with, just as advertised, a hint of caramel. This Baileys is great on the rocks, in coffee and spice up a variety of traditional Baileys drinks, like a Nutty Irishman (just in time for St. Patrick’ s Day). The nice thing about this liqueur is that it is as just as enjoyable as the original. The caramel flavor is natural and does not overpower the classic Baileys flavor. Give this brand extension a thumbs up!

Baileys_mint.jpgBaileys with a hint of Mint Chocolate

I was a bit skeptical about his one, but it works well. At first you get the familiar taste of Baileys, followed by a subtle taste of mint followed by a rush of dark chocolate. It is awesome in hot chocolate, we had to make a variation of our Hot Chocolate Mint recipe once we tasted this liqueur. This is also another treat I will enjoy on the rock as well for years to come.

Once again a great tasting product from Baileys that lives up the Original.

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