Three Olives Vodka Review

English vodka! Who knew?

This super-premium vodka is more than just a fancy bottle; they have a snazzy website too. No, really, 3 Olives is a very smooth, crisp vodka that stands up to the big boys, and it comes in 6 flavors! The Cherry is featured in this week’s drink.

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SleazyBars: Find Your Sleazy Bar Here!

Any site that lists Antonio’s Nut House is a winner in my book.

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Bar Tell your friends about this one!

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Impress your friends and keep your shot cold. That’s right—shot glasses made from ice. Cool, clever and you can throw them in the fire and no one will care.

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How to Be a Drunk Asshole

As if we needed a guide!

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Filtering Cheap Vodka

We recommend saving the time and investing in a bottle of Ketel One.

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Teddy Port

Why drink out of a paperbag, when you can get your groove on with a bear.
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Zygo: The Morning Vodka

If you need that pick up at the bar! Although this is the “moring vodka” try to wait until at least noon.

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Crème de Cacao

Q: What is white crème de cacao?

A: Crème de cacao is distilled from cacao (chocolate) beans. It gives the flavor of slightly roasted chocolate. Crème de cacao comes in both a dark and white (clear) variations. If a recipe calls just for crème de cacao use white crème de cacao.

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