Reader Opinion – Whisky

From Kevin in the UK

Great website, but please, 4 countries may make whiskey, but only 1 makes whisky. It is different. The others make admiral cocktails, whisky doen’t need to.

Scotland the Brave.

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Hangover Helper – Milk?

He swears it works.

Drinking two glasses of milk after you are done boozin just before going to bed some how makes you feel no hangover symptoms the next day. I tried it and it worked for me.
~ submited by Fernando
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Drink a mint julep, save a horse

Churchill Downs will sell 50 special mint juelps at this year’s Kentucky Derby for $1,000 each, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

This, of course, will be no ordinary mint julep. The cocktail will be made with one of the world’s best bourbons, produced by Woodford Brands, and served in a gold-plated cup with a silver straw. The mint will be brought in from Morocco, the ice … Read more

Reader Opinion – Shaken or Stirred

We get a lot of email, we though t we should start sharing. This is from Shane

“According to old school bartenders, and in fact good bartenders, Manhattans, and Gin or Vodka martinis should never be shaken. Only drinks with fruit juice. According to Pat the old school bartender I work with, shaking said drinks does not allow the flavors to blend and give that smooth taste, it only makes them colder so you cannot … Read more

Hot Toddy Helps Asthma

A nice reader sent us this wonderful note:

“You guys are truly life savers. My father is 75 years old with severe asthma. He is Irish and remembered a drink called a Hot Toddy that his grandmother used to make when he was sick. I typed in Hot Toddy and there you were. He is sleeping soundly and his wheezing has stopped. He is breathing easy.Thank you so much for being there…”

– Marilyn

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Cocktail Question – Counting Pours

Q: I wanted to know what kind of count you should use for 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz, 3/4 oz
For 1/2 oz. I usually use: one thousand
A: Basic rule of thumb in bartending is a 4 counts = 1 oz.

1 = 1/4 oz.
2 = 1/2 oz.
3 = 3/4 oz.
4 = 1 oz.
6 = 1 1/2 oz.
8 = 2 oz.

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Cocktail Questions – Canadian Whisky

Q: What is Canadian whisky predominately made from?

A: Canadian whisky is made mostly from Corn, similar to Kentucky bourbon. Small amounts of barley and Rye are also added. By law, Canadian Whisky must be barrel ages for at least 3 years.

While most Canadian whiskies are blends, some sigle malts have been poping up as of late. Candians have been making whisky for over 200 years, but it really took off in the US … Read more

Cocktail Question – Drinks vs. Cocktails?

Q: What’s the difference in meeting for “drinks” and meeting for “cocktails”? What is the definition of a cocktail anyway?


A: Well in general meeting for “drinks” or “cocktails” is essentially the same. Both infer that you will be meeting over an alcoholic beverage. The words “drink” and “cocktail” do have different meaning. “Drink” is both a noun and a verb, it refers to all drinks, both with or without alcohol. “Cocktail“, however, … Read more

New Drinks

A bunch of new recipes sent to us by our awesome readers. Try ’em and lets us know what you think.

Magic Cooler
Punch in the Stomach
Humid in H-town
Orange Bomber
Tucson Martini
Dr. Peter Venkman

And our favorite, the One-Cheek Sneak—guaranteed to make you fart. Great for April Fools!

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