How Many Cocktails?

I was up late last night watching this show “Secret Life of… Cocktails“, a great history of cocktails. If you get a chance it is worth the 30 minutes.

The part of the show for me is when they were theorizing on how many cocktail recipes are out there? Hundreds, Thousands, Millions? Someone tried to figure out the number of cocktail combinations that could be made out of the ingredients at your average bar.

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Jose Cuervo – National Flavors Day

Did anyone hear about this? Not only has Cuervo introduced flavored Tequila (Yes, another sign of the apocalypse), but they named a day after it.

To celebrate, Cuervo hired a bunch of “models” painted them Green, Blue or Orange and let them loose on the streets on Manhattan, Chicago and San Francisco. Green represented Cirtrico, Lime flavored Tequila, Blue – Tropino, Pineapple Tequila and Orange for Oranjo, which is of course Orange flavored.

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Drink of the Week – X-Rated Flirtini

Sweet and sexy. X-Rated makes a premium vodka and a Alize like passion fruit liqueur.

Can’t wait to give this one a try once I get my hands on a bottle.
on to the drink…
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Sweet & Sour Mix

What is it?

There is quite a bit of confusion over what this stuff is, yet tons of drinks call for it. Basically, Sweet & Sour Mix is sugar syrup combined with lemon juice, lime juice or both.

To make mix 3 parts sugar and two parts water, heat gradually to let the sugar disovle, then let the mixture cool. Once cooled add 1 part juice and mix well. This should last a few weeks … Read more

Drink of the Week – Cryptonite

This week’s drink is made with Everglo, a new liqueur from Holland made with vodka, tequila, ginsing and caffine. Fuck ya – this stuff has everything and it’s NEON GREEN. Can anyone say clubbin’! This was sent over by Tara at CyberNY, the makers Everglo’s cool website. Thanks, and hook us up;) on to the drink…… Read more

The Johnnie Walker Portfolio

According to the folks over at Johnnie Walker, more and more folks are drinking scotch, and I believe them. Apparently you can make all kinds of fun stuff like scotch margaritas and cosmos… hmm. I didn’t try any but people at the Johnnie Walker tasting in SF this blustery Friday night seemed to like them. I, of course, am a purist these days – limiting my self to “neat” or “on the rocks” servings of … Read more

Drink of the Week – Birthday Partini

This drink comes from our friend Brande. She says it’s kinda like Birthday Cake – Yummy!

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Cooking with Liquor – Pecan Pie

Q: Can I use Chivas Regal Scotch (15 yrs. old) in a pecan pie recipe? That is the only whiskey I have on hand and it’s never been opened. The recipe calls for bourbon.

A: While scotch and bourbon are both whiskeys, they have very different tastes. Bourbon is slightly sweet, which gives a wonderful taste to peacan pie. Scotch doesn’t have the sweetness and many have a peaty flavor.

Although I haven’t tried it, … Read more

We Love Burritos

    Here in California we take Cinco de Mayo and Burritos seriously. We love them so much there are not one, but 3 blogs dedicated to the burrito.

Check ‘em out and vote for your favorite Burrito. Mine is Taqueria Azteca in Antonoi’s Nut House Bar in Palo Alto, CA. The best carnitas on either side of the boarder. As soon as I lern how, I’ll post a map.… Read more