Agave 99 Kosher Tequila

A New York company is producing 500,000 cases of Kosher Tequila, and at a whopping 99 proof. Highlighting its alcohol content, the makers named it Agave 99. Using methods certified by a rabbi in a Mexican distillery, Agave 99 will be available in the States by Cinco de Mayo (that’s May 5th for all you gringos). Although Cinco de Mayo is the launch date, the producer, Star Industries, will release a limited amount for passover … Read more

Turn Fruit into a Shot Glass

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. One way to get your daily serving of fruit is to use the ShotCarver to turn apples, pears and other cripsy fruits into shot glasses and fill ’em with booze.

You could do a mini version of this on your own using an apple corer, I’m guessing. If you put a little power behind it, you might even be able to use a 2″ cookie cutter. But … Read more

Etude 2005 Merlot

The movie Sideways maligned merlot and praised pinot noir — and that had a very real effect on the wine market for the last few years.

So it’s funny that one of the best California merlot producers is a winery known for its remarkable pinot noir.

Etude Winery out of the Sonoma Valley is a maker of rich and luxurious wines. As an estate winery, they grow all their own grapes and are a firm … Read more

Bar Gadget Black Box Set

This black-box bar gadget set looks smooth.

It includes a cocktail “compass” that gives common cocktail recipes, a two-sided jigger, a corkscrew, a wine collar, a wine and a spirits pouring spout and a foil cutter.

Whether you buy it for your own bar or give it as a stylish housewarming gift, this bar set is pretty slick.

Bar Gadget Set @ Crate & Barrel … Read more

Love Potion #9 Creamy Strawberry Tart

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CMSC Spirits is releasing a new spirit in May — Love Potion #9. They sent over a little sample, which inspired me to create a new dessert. The tropical-fruit-flavored liqueur is made with sugar cane alcohol (instead of grain alcohol), which made me think strawberry tart!

It’s a light and refreshing dessert, with the mascarpone adding creaminess without turning the dish into something heavy or sticky-sweet. Oh, and it’s super easy!



8 oz mascarpone … Read more

Star Wars + Keg = Beer2-D3

Paul Loughridge took a Heineken mini-keg and made Beer2-D3, distant cousin to Star Wars droid R2-D2. Genius!

Maybe he needs a Beer-3PO to help keep him out of trouble.

[Via Make]… Read more

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Even though St. Patrick’s Day is over, it’s time again to whip out the Guinness, Baileys and Jameson’s whiskey and turn them into delicious cupcakes!

The Irish Car Bomb is a well-known (although not very tactfully named) drink consisting of a layered shot of Jameson’s and Bailey’s dropped in a ¾ full glass of Guinness and chugged like crazy. (Don’t let it sit; curdled Bailey’s in your beer is not an appetizing sight.)

Well, here … Read more

Beer Arcade

If you have an extra $7,000 to spend, you might want to consider the Octane 120 Driving Arcade. While we absolutely do NOT condone drinking and driving … drinking and gaming is OK.

So stick a keg in back and get ready to play. The arcade comes with a gaming PC or console system, projector and projection screen in addition to accommodating your lazy, beer-drinking needs thanks to a keg in back and a tap … Read more

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It is not all about green beer, we’ve got some links to prove it! Have safe, fun, rollicking day.

    Creating an Irish Whiskey Cocktail
    St. Patrick’s’ Day Recipe Round Up
    iPhone Apps for St. Patrick’s Day
    How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Like an Irishman [via Mental Floss]
    How to Pour a Perfect Guinness
    Irish Drinking Toasts
    Green Your St. Patrick’s Day

Read more

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