An Interview with the King of Cocktails

wi_f1_uncorked019_la_t.gifFor those who don’t know the Dale DeGroff, the legendary bartender who grew to fame at New York’s Rainbow Room, this is a great introduction to the man and his no nonsense cocktail philosophy. He is not only responsible for the Cosmopolitan, but for helping to make bartending the creative, respectable profession it is today.

When asked, “Any tips for home mixologists on making drinks at home?”

Says the King of Cocktails, “If you have good recipes, follow them, because you can really screw stuff up, as you can in baking. But having said that, recipes can sometimes be a starting point, and adjusted to your taste – sweet, sour, whatever. But use quality ingredients. Use the best ingredients you can afford – the same thing Julia Child told everybody.”

We can’t take credit for the interview, but at least we can share it with you. Cheers!

Uncorked: The King of Cocktails raises bartenders’ spirits

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Photo by the SF Chronicle.

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