Absolut Mango Review

Absolut has released its newest flavored vodka, mango. Why mango? It’s one of the most popular fruits in the world and grown in nearly every tropical region, and they are tasty. According to Matthias Aeppli, Vice President Marketing, V&S Absolut Spirits, “The mango is quite unique. It is a year-round source of natural sweetness, and it has a juiciness and aroma beyond all comparison. Personally, I love to mix mango with chili or pineapple.”

To get us in the mood, the folks at Absolut, sent us a lovely Mango gift pack loaded with mango made goodies. Who knew they made paper out of mangoes?


So how is Absolut Mango?

Upon opening the bottle, I was overwhelmed with the sweet, fruity smell of fresh mangoes. Wonderful.

The taste is crisp, a bit sweet, not sugary. The mango taste is subtle. This makes sense as Absolut does not add any additional sugar and they use all natural ingredients.

Absolut mango is terrific neat or on the rocks and mixes well as a cocktail like this one.

Absolut Mango Mojito


4 parts Absolut Mango
2 part Lime Juice
2 parts Sugar Syrup
1 tablespoon Sugar
Soda Water
Mint Leaves


Muddle mint leaves with sugar in a long drink glass and add crushed ice. Build the vodka, lime juice and syrup over the ice and stir. Top up with soda water and more ice. Garnish with mint leaves and bits of mango.

Absolut Mango
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