Absolut 100 Review

absolut100.jpgOnly one word can be used to describe Absolut new 100 proof Vodka—boozy. That’s what came to mind when we first cracked the bottle.

This entrant is the first Absolut product not packaged in a clear bottle. The makers wanted some mystery around the vodka, so they encased it in a impressive black bottle. With silver lettering, Absolut 100 is ready for a night on the town. Perfect for New Year’s Eve!

While the initial aroma demonstrates its strength, we found Absolut 100 is smooth as silk on the tongue.

Absolut 100 makes a surprisingly smooth Martini that comes with a touch of spiciness. However, this vodka shines in a mixed drink. Giving the basic cocktail that extra kick while not overpowering the drink.

Here are a few cocktail recipes from the folks at Absolut:

Pumpkin Martini

Absolut 100

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