60 Things Worth Shortening Your Life For

vices_sm.jpgThis is one of the best list I’ve seen in a long time. Put together by the folks at Esquire, this is the perfect guide to enjoying life to the fullest.

Some of our favorites:

#19. The Ramos Ginfizz

In a cocktail shaker, dissolve 1 tbsp sugar in 1 tbsp water. Add:

1 ½ ounce Tanqueray gin
½ ounce lemon juice
½ ounce lime juice
1 ounce heavy cream
white of 1 fresh egg
3 drops — not dashes — of orange flower water

Fill with cracked ice and shake lustily for a long, long time, and then strain into a tall glass. Add 1 oz chilled seltzer, stir briefly, and then smile.

#49-59. The 18-Hour Vegas Vacation.

For each activity, multiply the time spent by 100 and subtract the total from your life expectancy. Repeat twice annually until death.

I tend to not like to rush Vegas and take the entire weekend. Wandering downtown is a must and should not be rushed, either is talking shit to stragners, which can take the entire weekend.

#33. Drinking Alone

We don’t know anything about that, except posting at 2 am.

#15. Smoking Cubans in Cuba.

Need we say more?

#39. A “Three-Bagger” of Sazeracs at Tujague’s.

Three Rye Whiskey cocktails in a row, how can you escape this Big Easy classic.

#9. Drugs (see this post)

OK, none of the hard stuff these days.

#8. Butter

Slathered on a steak or just about anything else. What can I say I lived in Wisconsin. Butter Rules. On Wisconsin!

We hate to give it away, but I’ve seen guys get punched in the face over these:

#1. Danger Dogs

The Tijuana delicacy — a hot dog wrapped in bacon, fried, and topped with mayo.

Read the whole list,
60 Things Worth Shortening Your Life For

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