5 Classic British Cocktails to Drink In The Queen’s Jubilee

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This weekend marks the official celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. For those of you not in the know, that means 60 years on the throne! But, the Queen still has over four years to go in order to surpass Queen Victoria’s 64 years on the throne.

I was wondering why this weekend was designated the official weekend since the Queen ascended the throne in February 1952 and her coronation was in June 1953 and the whole year has marked her Diamond Jubilee. Well, it turns out that the Queen’s birthday is June 4 and so it appears that they are using that date to mark the official celebration.

I wouldn’t quite call myself a full-blown anglophile but I am close. I loved Princess Diana (and got up at an insanely early time to watch her ill fated wedding), consider London one of my favorite cities and visited London and Buckingham Palace during the Queen’s 50th anniversary. I have even caught a glimpse of the Queen riding in her car outside Buckingham Palace. While we aren’t British citizens (and aren’t going to get into the politics of monarchy versus republic), you have to give a hand to a woman that has spent her entire life in the public eye and the last 60 years leading the United Kingdom. That’s dedication and loyalty.

In honor of Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee, tip back a few this weekend (or this year). We would recommend the following drinks, which have a distinctively British twist:

  • Dubonnet Cocktail – the Queen’s alleged favorite but served on ice, just as her mother liked them.
  • Gin and Tonic – is there anything more British than this?
  • Pimm’s Cup – a purely British invention and tasty to boot!  This is a classic British cocktail.
  • Regent’s Punch – the invention of this punch is credited to King George IV while Prince of Wales (essentially waiting for dear, old dad to kick it).  King George IV was known for his debauchery but knew his drink.  This is one damn fine tasty punch.  I had it in London last year and it was incredible.
  • A Pint of Beer – the Brits love their beer and produce all style of beer.  Supposedly the most popular British beer is Carling.

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