2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Games

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It’s Presidential Debate season again, and that means some great drinking games! We scoured the internets and found a few you can play at home. Once you have a computer and internet, you should spend your useful time playing starburst slots game, which is a gambling game where you can potentially win real money up to $ 70,000. Also, be sure to check out 666casinos for more classic casino games that are worth your time.

Mix and match if you like.


Guests pick a cadidate to drink to and take a drink when they say things like:

  • Obama: Bain, Families, Middle Class, etc…
  • Romney: Private Sector, ObamaCare, Reagan, etc…

see the whole game @DebateDrinking.com


Guests drink for a predetermined (2, 3, 4, 10 seconds) time based on buzz words either candiate says.  Examples:

THE GIMMEES (2 Seconds)

  • “Class warfare”
  • “Bain”
  • “Tax cut(s)”

THE PROBABLES (3 seconds)

  • “Forward”
  • “Obamacare
  • “Job killing” or “job killer(s)”


  • “Romneycare”
  • “That’s not true” or “That’s not accurate”
  • “This election is about…”


  • “Socialist”

See the whole list @ PolicyMic.com


Billed as,”The Ultimate Presidential Debate Drinking Game for Ladies”, this drinking game comes with some complex rumes.  The game involves more than just taking shots, not for the faint of heart.

A few of my favorites from this drinking game:

  • If either candidate mentions equal pay, take 77% of a shot.
  • Take your birth control pill and wash it down with a swig of beer at mention of Planned Parenthood.
  • When talk of women’s health is accompanied by correct anatomical terms for parts of women being discussed (uterus, cervix, breast, etc.), insert a vodka-soaked tampon into your “down there hole.”
  • Any mention of abortion, drink and then spin around and around in rhetorical circles until you barf.
  • Use of the word “transvaginal” by Governor Romney or President Obama means you’ve gotta butt chug the rest of your drink.
  • Candidates love to use debates as an opportunity to tell stories about random old ladies they’ve met. So, when either of them mentions a random old lady facing various hardships in Ohio or Florida or whatever, take a direct-from-the-bottle swig of your oldest old lady liquor. Suggestions: sherry. Creme de menthe. Be creative!
  • If Mitt Romney mentions military members, drink for as many seconds as Mitt Romney got religious-missionary related deferrals from serving in Vietnam (you should drink for four seconds).
  • The phrase “War on Women” means you have to play a game of beer pong with yourself. No matter what, you win. Also, you lose.

See the whole drinking game @ Jezebel

College Humor

Sips, shots and multiple shots are taken for a variety of thing said by the candidates.  examples:

  • Take a sip every time Mitt Romney awkwardly chuckles
  • Take a shot when ever a candidate panders to where they are
  • See the whole game at CollegeHumor.com

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