2010 Quattro Mani Barbera Review – Wine Wednesday

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Quattro Mani is the brainchild of Domaine Select Wine Estates.  It is an offering of second label wines from some of Italy and Slovenia’s best winemakers.  The 2010 Quattro Mani Barbera is made by Danilo Droco, one of Piedmont’s greatest winemakers.  Not only is the Quatro Mani Barbera a zippy little wine, it’s also a great price at $8.99 a bottle.  In fact, it’s one of the best wines priced under $10 that I have tried.

While we don’t drink tons of Barbera in the United States, it’s one of the most popular grapes in Italy where it is the third most planted grape varietal.   Barbera is popular in Italy for good reason.  It’s high in acid, light to medium bodied, low on tannins and high on fruit flavors.  Older vines produce wines that can age.  Young wines are crisp, juicy and enjoyable. 

The 2010 Quattro Mani Barbera tasting note:

Appearance:  Clear with a medium purple to ruby core and a light ruby rim.

Aroma:  Clean with a medium, youthful intensity of blueberry, black cherry, raspberry, blackberry, vanilla and baking spices.

Tasting: Dry, medium high acid, medium minus body, medium alcohol, moderate tannin, medium plus flavor intensity of black cherry, blueberry, bramble berry, raspberry, vanilla and baking spices.  Medium finish.

Grade:  Very good.  The young wine was crisp and refreshing with flavors of jammy, ripe berries, vanilla and baking spices.  Delicious with pizza or barbeque.


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