100 Absolutes – The Results Are In


As we reported back in December, Absolut Vodka, set out on a campaign to let the public choose their 100 Absolutes in Fashion, Food & Drink, Culture, Technology and People/Places. Now after over 300,000 votes, the results are in and we now know that New York is the Absolute City and travel is the Absolute Hobby. So what about the topic near a dear to my heart, cocktails. I’ll break it down for you:

Absolute Bar: 18% say The Hudson Bar, New York City. This is a beautiful room with great cocktails. Hopefully the service has gotten better and the staff attitudes smaller since my last visit several years ago.

Absolute Cocktail: 27% chose the Vodka Martini (a sigh of relief from the folks at Absolut)

Absolute Cocktail Occasion: 59% say Anytime, wooot!

Absolute Drink Mixer: 35% preffer Tonic Water, beating out Club Soda, Cola and Ginger Ale.

Absolute Juice: 42% say Orange Juice. Screwdrivers all around.

Absolute Long Drink: The Long Island Iced Tea reigns supreme according 51% of the voters.

Absolute Pre-Dinner Drink: Once again, 35% choose the Vodka Martini. Well, they are tasty.

A few more culinary Absolutes: Nobu in New York City is the Absolute Restaurant and Jamie Oliver was voted the Absolute Chef. Finally, Italian Food is the Absolute Cuisine.

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