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Eggs – Cocktail Food

Eggs are one of the best drinking foods around. They were common fare at most bars a hundred years ago. They were served hardboiled with salt or picked in a vinegar brine.

What makes the egg so special? An egg is packed full of protein in the whites, while the yolk contains fats (the OK ones) and other good-for-you nutrients. Eggs even contain the amino acid, cysteine, that helps to battle the effects of the … Read more

New Year’s Eve Survival Tips

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Welcome to New Year’s Eve Weekend, 4 nights where we can all let loose and still have a day to recover. I thought we should take a moment to cover the basics for survival of all the drinking to ensue.

First, an article on mixing great drinks at home, not only will this help stretch your drinking budget, but using fresh mixers and premium spirits will help to ease that New Year’s Day Hangover. Don’t … Read more

Hangover Helpers – Cinnamon Toast & Coke

DOTW reader Kourie, shares this remedy:

My Grandfather gave me the combo and it works great. The caffeine will get rid of your headache, and the sugar toast will work on your stomach! Give it a try!

One can of Coca-Cola, not Pepsi. Must be cold and don’t pour over ice with or pour in a glass. Must have all the carbonation and not be diet or caffeine free.

Drink with cinnamon sugar … Read more

Hangover Helper: The Combo Cure

This comes from Lon, a reader who uses this regimen to heal the hurt.

“Here is a true hangover combo cure.

This cure is drunk and eaten in several morning stages as follows:

If you awake during the night, or when you awake in the morning drink bottled water and sparkling water. Take bites and chew on a sugar-free popsicle (grape-flavored is my favorite).

Drink 3-parts cranberry juice/1-part orange juice (not from concentrate) on ice.… Read more

Hangover Helpers – OJ, Water & Protien

Kathleen swears by this morning ritual after a great night out!

Orange juice along with a bottle of water…not only to rehydrate but to elevate your blood sugar levels that have dropped low due to the alcohol being metabolized.

Protein! Usually the best is a good hamburger chased by a little caffeine and some ibuprofen. I’ll take the steak and eggs, please.

Thanks, Kathleen!

[Photo: CALL THE OFISS]… Read more

Hangover Helper – Kahlua & Coffee

This one comes from a real life doctor (at least that’s what he told us)!

One of the best possible hangover cures for the morning after:


1 oz evaporated milk
1 oz Kahlúa


Fill with hot coffee, preferably made with well water from my mountain estate! Repeat if necessary.

Thanks, Dr. James!… Read more

This Week’s Drink – Bahareita

Happy Friday! This week’s drink comes to us from an anonymous reader who swears that the combination of cherries, Patron and chocolate milk sounds terrible, but tastes wonderful. It even helps with a hangover. Perfect for the holiday week we are embarking on today. Cheers!

Onto the Drink…… Read more

Hangover Helper – Mexican Food & Red Beers

This comes from reader Antoinette.

Food: Spicy homemade green pork chile or, if you can handle it, Mexican stew with hominy/tripe. If not, posole (Mexican stew with hominy/pork). Both with lots of hot crushed red pepper, diced onion, oregano and a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy with tortillas. MMM.

You can’t go wrong with Mexican food! It does the trick every time!

Drink: Similar to the bloody mary, but with beer… RED BEERS! Made with Clamato … Read more

Hangover Helper – Pediasure

Not just for kids. My friend swears that Pediasure is the best hangover helper around. Makes sense, this stuff is specially formulated to give kids a ton of nutrients in one bottle. What could be better after a night of drinking, if it is good for kids it’s gotta be good for your sorry drunk-ass self.

Pediasure … Read more

Hangover Helper – Milk?

He swears it works.

Drinking two glasses of milk after you are done boozin just before going to bed some how makes you feel no hangover symptoms the next day. I tried it and it worked for me.
~ submited by Fernando
more hangover helpers… Read more

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