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How to Hide Booze at the Office

From Dethroner, comes this bit of sheer genius. What looks like some boring old boxes of copier paper, is really a beer fridge in disguise! That’s the type of ingenuity that a business should be proud of, I hope that guys got a promotion.

Neatorama wrote about this item as well and the Whiskey Hiding Binder, which certainly earns a place in the “hiding booze” category. Complete with shot glasses, this is my kind of … Read more

Organic Cocktail Square Off

Here’s a fun contest from and Square One Vodka comes a great opportunity to bring out the inner cocktailian in all of us, the Organic Cocktail Square Off. There are two categories, professional and amateur, so if you are home bartender like me, you’ll be among company.

Contestants are to make a pitcher cocktail made with Square One Organic Vodka and 75% organic ingredients. From there the sky’s the limit, so hot up the … Read more

Celebrities Favorite Cocktails

The folks at Instyle Magazine recently put together this fun collection of cocktails our favorite celebrities love. They run the table from ultra fancy gourmet cocktails to simple I can get it anywhere drinks. Feel free to help us add to this list if you know a celebrity and their favorite libation.

Who – Jessica Biel
Cocktail – Angry Dragon
Where – The Grand, New York City

Who – Madonna
Cocktail – Pomegranate Martini
Where … Read more

San Francisco Cocktail Week

Two dozen of the best bars in San Francisco are taking part in San Francisco’s Cocktail Week. This event follows World Cocktail Day, which was celebrated on Sunday, who knew? I guess the PR folks forgot to tell us.

Each bar is featuring one classic and one original cocktail all week. The list of bars is impressive, with the likes of Jaredinere, Tres Agaves, and Elixr making such delights as the Sidecar, Manhattan and Mint … Read more

Free Drinks for Watching Ads

In a marketing case that just sounds too good to be true, vending masters Apex Corp. have purportedly laid out plans that will bring free or subsidized non-alcoholic beverage to thirsty consumers who are willing to watch a 30-second commercial before partaking. Aiming to launch next month in Japan, the MediCafe project will give users the option of plunking down the ¥70 ($0.58) to ¥120 ($1) required to purchase an item, or watching an advertisement … Read more

Danny DeVito’s Limoncello Liqueur

Stars love to put their names on things and booze is no exception. Actor Danny DeVito is capitalizing on his drunken appearance on the view and realesing his own brand of limoncello. As he said at the time, “I knew it was the last seven limoncellos that was going to get me.” The product also honors the actors Italian heritage.

Read more… Read more

Gin, the New Vodka?

Gary Regan, celebrated mixologist and writer gives us a terrific journey into the world of new small-batch gins flavored with much more than just the required juniper berry. These days, gin is flavored with a wide variety of herbs, spices and botanicals including lavender, caramom, cinnamon, ginger and citrus. This makes for many a ideal martini, each unique to the batch of gin at its base.

Regan reviews a handful of small batch gins including … Read more

The 100 Absolutes

Absolut is running a cool ad campaign, The 100 Absolutes. Absolut is asking us all to rate the Absolutes on 100 topics in 6 Categories: Culture, Fashion, Food & Drink, Science & Tech, People & Places and Miscellaneous.

I gravitated to the food & drink category. Pictured above are the 8 choices for Absolute Cocktail. Drink of the Week readers seem to favor the Appletini, personally I like a Vodka Martini. My Picks in other … Read more

Save the Mistletoe

Smirnoff Ice is running a fun campaign this year, “Save the Mistletoe” aimed at saving all the Mistletoe from certain death. The lined up a group of celebrities to sing a benefit song & video (à la “We Are the World”) including Erik Estrada, Downtown Julie Brown and Kato Kaelin. They also put together a funny exposé video on the Mistletoe industry. For those of use who want to do our part, a Mistletoe Conversion … Read more

Cocktail Mixing Robots

Some crazy cocktail fun went on this past week in Vienna. The annual Roboexotica “Festival of Cocktail Robotics” was held, bringing together the best cocktail-making robots the world has to offer. Yes, cocktail-making robots. These robots come in all shapes and sizes, and the majority bares no resemblance to your neighborhood barkeep. For example, the “Epson Bar,” pictured above, is a cocktail “printer.” Using parts from a large scale Epson printer, this robot carefully mixes … Read more

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