DIY Cocktails

Martin Miller’s DIY Gift Pack Giveaway

It’s still Summer, so why not giveaway some cool stuff to make cocktails and a $150 Amex Gift Card. Simply like this page, comment or like Martin Miller’s Facebook Page and you’ll be entered to win a DIY Summer Cocktail Gift Pack containing a shaker and other bar tools, a copy of our book DIY Cocktails and $150 Amex Gift Card (for incidentals).

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Low-Calorie H2O Cocktails

You don't need fake sugar to make a low-cal cocktail. Try infusing water!

Tales of the Cocktail: Day 2 & 3

Enjoy the fun, the madness and the great drinks that make up Tales of the Cocktail

How to Muddle

Many cocktail recipes tell you to "muddle" ingredients. We'll explain what a muddler is and how you use it to make cocktails.

How to Make Flavored Syrup

DIY technique: Make your own flavored syrup ... any flavor

Father’s Day Food & Drink recipes

Celebrate Father’s Day by eating and drinking … with Dad, of course!

Here are some recommendations for food and drink to help you say, “Thanks for being my Dad!” After all, he doesn’t need another tie or coffee mug.

    Manhattan or Martini — Traditional, strong and the best! If that sounds like your father, one of these may be the drink for him. Garnish with easy homemade cocktail cherries! Blood & Sand
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7 Gifts To Make Dad Glad He Had You

Hopefully dad appreciates you just the way you are, but these items can’t hurt in helping him love you just a little bit more …

Highland Park 50

With only 275 bottles produced, this prestigious edition is set to become an exclusive collectors’ item.

Bottled at 44.8% ABV, Highland Park 50 Years Old is a vatting of five refill oak casks distilled in 1960.  This higher proof brings out richness of this special whisky.

Each … Read more

How to Make Cocktail Foam

If you want to get fancy, cocktail foam is a fun way to add another layer of flavor and texture to your cocktail. Jamie Boudreau shows you how to do it in this video, with a recipe for the Mexican Cloud topped with elderflower and lemon foam.

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Tips for Spicing Up Your Margarita

Spice up your margaritas

DIY Sour Mix

Make your own "sour mix" ... it's easy and better than the green goo in stores
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