5 Vodka Brands That Must Be On Your List

Are you a party person? Are you fond of vodka but not sure about the best brands that are available in the market? We will take you through a list of the 5 vodka brands that must be on your list. If vodka is your drink and you are done with the local and common brands of vodka available in the stores, these will help you tickle the taste buds.

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If you are looking for fruity flavours, spiced, or a delicate taste of the spirit, these brands will take you through the whole journey.


Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a premium vodka brand from France. It is one of the most popular brands available across the globe. They are known for their smooth and delicate tastes that tickle your taste buds like no other. It was launched in the 1990s by Sidney Frank, who later sold it to Bacardi in 2004. Since the 1990s, Grey Goose has been the party spirit for many across the globe. The alcohol content of this spirit is 40%, and it is available at a premium price.


If you are looking for a fruity taste in your vodka, go ahead and try the fruity French spirit, Ciroc. The alcohol content of this vodka is 35%, and the price for each bottle of 750ml varies based on the fruity flavour you select. The three basic flavours of Ciroc available are Snap Frost Vodka, Coconut, and Red Berry, priced in ascending order. It is a must-have on your list if you are a fan of the spirit. Not just the spirit, the bottle in which it comes is also very fancy, and a lot of vodka enthusiasts store it as a collectable as well. The Ciroc Vodka is derived from two different French grapes distilled 5 times to get a smooth fruity taste.

Kettle One

Another top brand of vodka that is a must-have for any vodka lover is that Kettle One. It has its origin in the Netherlands and is distilled from wheat. If you are looking for something that holds on to the traditional process of spirit distillation, this is the one for you. Schiedam’s Nolet Family distils the spirit making use of the traditional as well as the modern-day techniques of distillation. The subtle pepper flavour with a smooth and long texture makes it a popular buy for vodka at present. It is sure to make a better party experience.


Skyy is another well-known brand of vodka that any lover of the spirit must try. It originated in the USA. The bottle itself is designed such that it will lighten up your spirits. This vodka consists of 40% alcohol content. It comes in two variants, the normal vodka and the infusions vodka. You can enjoy this vodka as it is, or you can prepare fruity cocktails with it for a better experience.

It is another one of the premium vodkas available in the market. The smoothness is the key to the popularity of this vodka. The vodka is prepared by distillation four times and filtration thrice. This American vodka is one of the most popular in the country.


Consisting of 40% alcohol, originated in Finland as the name suggests, Finlandia is one of the top vodka brands that should be in your collection. It is known to be prepared from Finnish barley and glacial spring water. Finlandia is one of the most popular premium vodka available around the world for spirit lovers at a very reasonable price. It is best suitable for some of the classic vodka-based cocktails.

This vodka was first introduced into the market in the 1970s and has become quite a popular brand since then. The multi-pressure distillation process makes it a neutral spirit that can be used both as a mixer and consumed as it is.

Many vodka brands are available in the market, such as Absolut, Belvedere, Stolichnaya, 43 below, Reyka, and more. All these brands along with the top 5 mentioned in the article above, can improve the drinking experience for any vodka lover. If you are a vodka lover and haven’t tried any one of the top 5 vodkas mentioned above, go on and get it for your collection now. 750 ml bottles from each of these brands are priced individually with a difference in their taste and smoothness. Experiment with something you have not tried before.

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